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West Warwick Bankruptcy Attorney

Mounting bills can put stress on every aspect of your life and the lives of your family members. When there isn’t enough income coming in to pay off those debts, late bill payments are inevitable. If you find yourself facing insurmountable debt and bankruptcy appears to be your only option, contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options.

At Devane, Fogarty & Ribezzo, we have the bankruptcy experience you need and the help you can afford, so that you can get a fresh start and get your family back on its feet financially. Our skilled attorneys can get results for you too. Call us today at (401) 821-9945 or email us (LINK).

Bankruptcy – An Overview

Bankruptcy is a legal vehicle that provides relief to individuals and businesses in serious financial trouble and protects their creditors to the extent possible. Generally, the bankruptcy process assesses the debtor’s assets and liabilities and provides a structure within which the debtor is allowed to keep some, and in most cases, all property and ordered to satisfy as many eligible debts as possible, according to an order of priority established by law. Remaining debts are discharged, except those of certain types, like domestic support orders, debt obtained by fraud and most tax debt and student loans. The traditional stigma of bankruptcy has faded and been replaced by the view that it is a fresh start after a time of trouble. Most bankruptcy debtors have experienced unexpected and extreme financial shock, such as that caused by sudden events such as job loss, business failure, death, divorce or illness. In such cases, filing bankruptcy may be the right answer. If you are facing serious financial challenges, contact Devane, Fogarty & Ribezzo in West Warwick, Rhode Island, to schedule a consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can help you assess your legal options.

Consumer Bankruptcy

When an individual falls desperately behind in his or her debt payments, one option may be to declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in a federal bankruptcy court that relieves the debtor of some or all of his or her debts. While bankruptcy may not be the best option for everyone, in the right situations, it can provide people with a fresh start. A lawyer experienced in bankruptcy law can advise you as to whether bankruptcy may be the right move for you and can advise you of the pros and cons of other options that you may have.

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